YBOA Memorial Classic [#3333]

May 27, 2023 - May 28, 2023

Welcome to the YBOA Memorial Classic and Panama City, Florida!  Thanks for joining this exciting competitive basketball event.  Florida YBOA wish all teams the very best of luck and hope you enjoy your stay.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our tournament management staff. We want to make your participation an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Game schedule times are local to Panama City, which is CST!  Please check back often until the event starts for any schedule updates or revisions to ensure that your team has the latest copy of the schedule and provide game schedule information to all coaches and families.  Game time is forfeit time!  Please arrive at least 45 minutes prior to your scheduled game. Games will start ahead of schedule within a 15-30 minute window of game time if gym court is ahead of schedule.  All tournament rules are subject to the discretion of the tournament director/event management.  Thanks again for choosing to participate in a Florida YBOA tournament event!

Mandatory Home Team Requirements:

Home team will provide a person to maintain the official game books and game sheets are provided by event management.  Event management staff will maintain the game clock.


Every team must provide their official YBOA printed scoresheet for each game. Scoresheets can be printed from your team account at www.yboabasketball.com. Failure to provide an official scoresheet will result in a 2-shot technical foul to begin the game.

Team Check-in & Team Book:

Coaches, check-in will be at the gym location of your first game and failure to check-in before second game will result in a forfeit.  Coach admission bands will only be issued at team check-in and players are not required at check-in.  Coaches are required to have team books at all times to verify the grade/age of each team’s participating players.  Failure to check-in and produce information to verify players age/grade upon request will result in forfeiture of game(s) played.

Team Book should include:

  • Team roster
  • Copies of all players birth certificates
  • Copies of all players current school year report cards

LIVE! Scores & Standings:

Florida YBOA is excited to offer our teams a free service for all of our tournament events. You and your entire team can receive real-time scores and game updates on your phone throughout the tournament. This free service is available to all coaches, parents, players and guests.

To receive a text on your cell phone with game results and next game information:

Text your Team ID Number to  (Florida YBOA 407-901-2121)

Your Team ID Number is located on the game schedule next to your team name.

You will receive texts with your team’s scores and next game information upon completion of every game.

Sign up to follow scores and results of as many teams as you would like (separate ID numbers with comma).

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Conduct Policy:

Coaches, players or spectators can be removed from the gym facility by event management if it is deemed they display unsportsmanlike conduct and/or conduct which is deemed detrimental to the tournament event.  The coaches, players or spectators’ team’s game(s) may be forfeited with no refunds and no exceptions, with non-compliance.

Gym Facilities: 

Gym facility owners control the temperature and humidity.  Some would consider the temperatures chilly, therefore everyone is encouraged to dress as appropriate.

General Admission:

ADMISSION WRIST BANDS ARE REQUIRED TO BE WORN!  Admission bands are valid for all gym facility locations.

Daily Passes:

Ages 13 & Up: $15.00

Ages 6 – 12: $10.00

Ages 5 & Under: Free

There is no admission fee for players, however all players must be in team uniform.  Players not in uniform will be charged admission fees.

Food / Coolers / No Smoking:

No Outside Food, Drinks, Coolers or Smoking (including e-cigarettes) will be allowed inside the gym facility.


Florida YBOA will provide game balls, teams must provide their own warm-up basketballs.  Only team basketballs for warmups and competitive games will be allowed in the gym facilities and must remain with each team’s coach at all times.  No dribbling basketballs in the gym facilities or during competitive games.


Teams are responsible to bring their own basic first-aid kit along with ice packs.  These items may not be available at all gym locations.