Jefferson LaMont Memorial Classic [#3539]

June 03, 2023 - June 04, 2023

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Coaches/Directors/Fans: Welcome Back

Thank you all for participating in our LaMont Memorail Classic Border Battle this coming weekend. 

Important Info:

 AAU Rules being followed with the modifications below:

Tournament Rules

• 16 min halves Stop time

• 20 Point Rule - Clock will convert to Running Time 2nd half only. It will Stop again on all whistles if the Team behind pulls within 10 Points

• Timeouts - 2 full and 1 Thirty per Game

• 6 fouls to foul out.

• 1&1 on the 10th foul.

Last minute of the game- both teams are in the 1&1 regardless of team fouls.

• Over time 2 minutes  You get a 30 Second timeout in OT. T/O

Do not carry over in this Tournament

2nd Overtime we will use the Elam Rule. No Clock/First Team to score any Combination of 5 Points wins
• Home Team provides the Bookkeeper and Visiting Team Runs the Clock.
• Any coach or player who receives 2 technical fouls during the Tournament is GONE FROM
• Officials decide what team keeps the Official Book.